Southern Programs (Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee)

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Length: 3 summer residencies in Spain, France, and Italy plus online classes during spring and fall; program outline is 1st Summer, 1st Fall, 1st Spring, 2nd Summer, 2nd Fall, 2nd Spring, 3rd Summer
Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting
Faculty: Fredrick Barton, Joseph Boyden, Amanda Boyden, Moira Crone, John Gery, Peter Gizzi, Rodger Kamenetz, Bill Lavender, Hank Lazer, Deborah Meadows, Dinty W. Moore, Christine Pountney, Michael Winter, John Gery, Kay Murphy, Susan Schultz
Tuition per year: Easier to go by cost of entire program, which is $22 666. This includes residency and tuition costs for summer—fall & spring—summer—fall & spring—summer.
Application materials: Submit Graduate Application for Admission, $40 application fee, GRE scores and transcript to Office of Admissions; submit Application to Low-Residency MFA Program, $25 application fee, 3 recommendations, GRE scores, transcript, statement of purpose, and portfolio to Low-Residency MFA Program
Deadline: 15 Feb. for the next summer
Financial Aid: Ambassador Awards are partial fee waivers solely for summer study. The amount and number of awards varies from year to year, but are normally valued from between $100-$250.
Web address: http://www.lowres.uno.edu/lowres.htm

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Length: 4 semesters beginning with 7-day residency followed by online correspondence with instructor and 2-3 other students for rest of semester; 4th semester followed by 5th and final residency
Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Writing for Stage and Screen
Faculty: Fred Leebron, Jane Alison, Pinckney Benedict, Ann Cummins, Jonathan Dee, Daniel Jones, Helen Elaine Lee, Daniel Mueller, Naeem Murr, Jenny Offill, David Payne, Susan Perabo, Patricia Powell, Steven Rinehart, Elissa Schappell, Elizabeth Strout, Elizabeth Stuckey-French, Abigail Thomas, Ashley Warlick, Cathy Smith Bowers, Cathy Park Hong, Major Jackson, Sally Keith, Rebecca McClanahan, James McKean, Alan Michael Parker, Robert Polito, Claudia Rankine, J.D. Dolan, Suzannah Lessard, Andrew Levy, Kathryn Rhett, Peter Stitt, Emily White, Khris Baxter, Brighde Mullins
Tuition per year: Tuition is $5 400 per semester, with a tuition cost of $1000 for 5th residency paid in installments of $500 each with tuition for 3rd and 4th semesters. For accommodation during each residency, it’s $25/night or $175 for the week (May residency); $55/night or $385 for the week (January residency).
Application materials: Submit all materials to MFA program: MFA Application Form, $45 application fee, recommendation, transcript, 2 copies of statement of purpose, 3 copies of portfolio; GRE not required
Deadline: 15 Mar. (for May residency that begins Summer—Fall term); 15 Oct. (for January residency that begins Winter—Spring term)
Financial Aid: The department has not yet set up any assistantship or fellowship program to provide funds for graduate students. On the program website, under the heading “Is financial aid available?” the only answer they give is the FAFSA.
Web address: http://www.queens.edu/graduate/programs/creative_writing.asp

Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Length: 4 semesters, each beginning with 10-day residency followed by correspondence with faculty supervisor; 4th semester concludes with 5th and final residency
Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry
Faculty: Joan Aleshire, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Stuart Dischell, Reginald Gibbons, Brooks Haxton, A. Van Jordan, Thomas Lux, Heather McHugh, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Alan Williamson, C. Dale Young, Dean Young, Andrea Barrett, Charles Baxter, Robert Boswell, Robert Cohen, Judy Doenges, David Haynes, C.J. Hribal, Kai Maristed, Grace Dane Mazur, Kevin McIlvoy, T.M. McNally, Steven Schwartz, Megan Staffel, Peter Turchi, Diana Wagman
Tuition per year: Tuition is $6 000 per semester, plus $475 for each residency.
Application materials: Submit all materials to MFA Program: MFA Application Form, $70 application fee, 2 recommendations (sent directly from recommenders), transcript (sent directly from institution), 2 essays (one “in response to some recently read piece of literature” and one “assessing your own writing, the reasons for wanting to enter the program, and a general sense of goals”), 3 copies of manuscript; GRE not required
Deadline: 1 Sept. (winter semester); 1 Mar. (summer semester)
Financial Aid: Because it is a low residency program, there are no teaching/research assistantships. You have to turn to the FAFSA to get a need-based financial aid package, but minority students can submit a Holden Minority Scholarship application along with their FAFSA. This scholarship awards full tuition and fees for 4 semesters and 5 residencies to an outstanding entering student.
Admission rate: 10%-15%
Web address: http://www.warren-wilson.edu/~mfa/index.shtml

Location: Sewanee, Tennessee
Length: 4 or 5 summer sessions of coursework, each running for 6 weeks in early June to mid-July; during your final year, you will work on a thesis at home while corresponding with a faculty advisor
Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Faculty: Angus Fletcher, John Gatta, Andrew Hudgins, Erin McGraw
Tuition per year: $5 500 per summer session (includes both tuition and board)
Application requirements: Submit all materials to Sewanee School of Letters: Application for Admission (with personal statement a few sentences long detailing why you want to attend the SSL), $40 application fee, 2 recommendations, transcript, writing sample; GRE not mentioned
Deadline: Applications reviewed beginning 28 Feb. until entering class for next summer is filled
Financial Aid: Because of its low-residency nature, the department has not set up any assistantship or fellowship program to provide funds for graduate students—you must turn to your friend the FAFSA.
Web address: http://www.sewanee.edu/SL/SLDegreePrograms.htm